Full-time/Benefits Eligible
Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Pay Rate*: $22.30/hour (not negotiable)
*Does not include bilingual differential pay

Emerge Center Against Domestic Abuse has begun an organizational process of transforming philosophy and practice to acknowledge the root causes of violence as being embedded in multiple, intersecting systemic oppressions (sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism/poverty, able-ism, and anti-immigrant sentiment).

These conversations directly impact the climate and culture of our organization and are tied to the climate and culture in our community related to violence as a normalized experience. We are seeking team members across the organization who understand that humanizing the experience of all people is a radical act in a non-profit system and who are willing to be a part of transforming our organizational culture to be a more antiracist multicultural institution.

We are seeking job applicants who understand it is our responsibility to ensure that our responses to domestic abuse must include the experiences of those who are most in need and who have the least amount of access to help and support and who can work in an environment that is rapidly changing.

We’re committed to making our community a safer place for everyone. Join us!

The primary focus of this position is to provide on-site training, shadowing, and coaching to all new direct service employees, as well as ongoing training to all direct service employees to ensure that all new employees have the required skill competency in foundational areas of service delivery and programmatic philosophy using an equity-centered approach that is rooted in trauma-informed care and prioritizes their lived experiences and identities. The staff trainer also provides oversight and supervision to all direct service volunteers once they have been placed in a direct service role.


  • Maintains confidentiality and trust for all employees, participants and visitors
  • Consistently displays culturally sensitive behavior and communication for all employees, participants and visitors. Seeks to expand knowledge base to increase cultural sensitivity
  • Seeks win/win solutions, values interdependence, shares a common sense of responsibility for the whole
  • Acts in a manner that presents the agency in a positive light, and furthers a positive image for the agency
  • Demonstrates a positive and respectful personal appearance. Contributes to a clean and orderly facility appearance
  • Demonstrates respect, courtesy and dignity for all
  • Responds in a timely manner in all aspects of communication
  • Maintains safe working environment for self, other employees, and visitors in accordance with applicable standards relevant to the position’s job duties
  • Displays adaptability and flexibility to encourage team, participant and agency health including: initiating improvements, demonstrating problem solving and creativity, demonstrating motivation for change and enhancement of the organization


  • In collaboration with the Vice President of Organizational Development and Vice President of Programs, the staff trainer assists in training new employees to develop required skills competencies for foundational areas of service delivery and programmatic philosophy applicable to all programs/sites
  • Provides onsite coaching, supervision and guidance to all newly hired direct service employees to ensure that all direct service employees understand and utilize an equity-centered and trauma-informed approach with all participants and to ensure uniform interpretation and application of agency and contract policies and program protocols and procedures under the direction of the Vice President of Programs
  • Builds a training program that supports staff with implementing the Critical Time Intervention Model and integrates an understanding of each program participant’s lived experience and identities, needs, history, strengths and pain in a holistic assessment process
  • Develops training modules that assist staff with learning a model of assessment in potential crisis situations and take appropriate preventive action that prioritizes the humanity of program participants
  • Works with staff to develop grounding and de-escalation techniques that allow staff to react logically and in a timely manner in crisis situations always ensuring that a trauma-informed approach is applied
  • Builds training modules that support staff with developing a holistic model/approach to supporting participants in the maintenance of a clean and healthy personal living space (participant rooms at shelter), while being mindful of possible triggers related to trauma and abuse, as well as cultural backgrounds and lived experiences
  • Develops training curricula that teaches the facilitation of community circles and group facilitation practices
  • Identifies performance/training issues in the observation of newly hired direct service employees and communicate any issues, concerns or trends to the appropriate supervisor and Vice President of Programs and appropriate program manager
  • Identifies and communicates any service trends related to the provision of domestic abuse services to the Vice President of Programs
  • Assists in development of ongoing training for all direct service employees
  • Works a rotating shift/schedule to ensure visibility to all newly hired direct service employees as needed
  • Supervises, trains and monitors direct service volunteers
  • Provides community education presentations in the community about domestic abuse and Emerge programs/services as needed
  • Responsible for implementing all programmatic and agency protocols as directed
  • Maintains appropriate employee/client boundaries
  • Appropriately maintains accurate information in the client services database entered in a timely manner
  • Adheres to agency policies and procedures and all City, County, State and Federal regulations
  • Attends all trainings and meetings as required
  • Manages and document emergency situations and notify appropriate employees
  • Maintains confidentiality of shelter sites and participant information

REQUIRED EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS – Any combination of at least 2 years of work, professional or lived/life experience (personal), in the following areas:

Note: Emerge recognizes that the required skills and knowledge needed to serve survivors of domestic abuse can be derived by formal professional experience as well as other life experience outside of a professional setting. Qualified applicants will be asked to make a direct connection between their work or life experience and the required qualifications below. We also value the added foundation that formal education can provide, however, any years spent in an educational institution will not count directly toward the number of years required or preferred.

  • Experience of individual or organizational work to support and advocate for survivors of gender-based violence; understanding and supporting families
  • Knowledge of the dynamics of domestic abuse and/or sexual violence
  • Knowledge of the impact of trauma and lived experiences and the interface with how program participants request and receive support in a non-profit setting
  • Demonstrate knowledge and practice working with how gender identity, race, class, ability and sexual orientation and other cultural factors and/or identities intersect with issues of gender-based violence
  • Demonstrate willingness and ability to confront racist, homophobic, transphobic behavior/comments in any setting
  • Demonstrate a trauma-informed understanding and practice in working with trauma-based reactions/behavior (particularly during escalated  situations/conversations) that prioritizes remaining grounded and not reacting out of fear or punitive intention
  • Ability to build authentic relationships with team members, supervisors, and program participants through practices such as listening to gain deeper understanding, being vulnerable and engaging in giving and receiving feedback
  • Ability to examine your own privilege and connections to power and/or oppressions so that you can work in service and consideration of the entire humanity of others
  • Ability to function in a complex institution and systems with a focus on problem solving and adaptability
  • Excellent written and oral communication
  • Knowledge of group facilitation and dynamics
  • Ability to assess potential crisis situations and take appropriate action
  • Ability to work well independently and be self-motivated
  • Proficient computer skills including e-mail and calendars

PREFERRED EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS – Any combination of at least 3 years of work, professional or lived/life experience (personal) in the required areas, as well as:

  • Bilingual (English/Spanish)


  • Ability to obtain appropriate fingerprint clearance through the Arizona Department of Public Safety
  • Ability to obtain CPR/First Aid certification
  • Valid Arizona Driver License and proof of automobile insurance


  • Must be able to sit or stand for long periods of time
  • Must be able to express or exchange ideas by means of the spoken word to impart oral information to clients or to the public and to convey detailed spoken instructions to other workers accurately or quickly
  • Provide CPR/First Aid
  • Must be able to lift up to twenty-five pounds

Emerge is an Equal Opportunity Employer