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Generate Change: Men’s Feedback Helpline

Men’s violence is not just a problem of individual men, but a result of community and systemic conditions.

Community-Based Interventions for Men Who Harm

Emerge is partnering to support the creation of community-based spaces to support men who are causing harm in their intimate relationships with choosing safer behaviors.

One of these is a new monthly community space for all men in Pima County focused on accountability, community restoration, and repair.

In Fall 2023, Emerge Center Against Domestic Abuse will Launch Pima County’s first helpline for male-identified callers who are at risk of making violent choices with their partners or loved ones.

Under this new program, trained helpline staff and volunteers will be available to support male callers with making safer choices.

Helpline Services

  • Real-time violence intervention and safety planning support for male-identified individuals at risk of making violent or unsafe choices.
  • Referral to appropriate community resources and services such as Abusive Partners Intervention Programs, counseling, and housing services.
  • Connect individuals harmed by caller to Emerge’s Domestic Abuse support services.
  • All services will be delivered by trained Emerge Men’s Engagement staff and volunteers.

Why Should Men Step Up

  • We are responsible for creating a culture that allows violence to happen.
  • We can build communities that support men and boys in knowing it is okay to ask for help.
  • We can take leadership in creating safety for survivors of men’s violence. 
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