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Men's Education Program

Men play a critical role in ending domestic abuse through their commitment to and involvement in building safety in our community.  Emerge’s Men’s Education Program seeks to engage men in meaningful conversations about the ways that power and privilege can transcend into issues of abuse and violence in our community.  We strongly believe that these conversations can lead us to building safety for survivors in our community by asking men to hold themselves and others accountable for their choices and behavior. 

The pathway to this shared accountability is in finding men who are willing to first examine the ways that they have been impacted by, and used, abusive and controlling behavior in their own lives.

Utilizing our own experiences with power and control as learning tools works to develop a common language, process and mechanism for feedback which can prepare men to support other men in our community in addressing the issue of domestic abuse. 

The Men’s Education Program prepares men to accept responsibility for their choices to use abusive and controlling behaviors with their partners and loved ones, stop the abuse and lead conversations on issues of domestic abuse with other men in the community. Men participating in the program come to class in different ways, some have been arrested and some are self-referred; it is a goal of the class to reinforce that the issue of domestic abuse is applicable for all men.

Enroll in the Men's Education Program

Emerge utilizes the “Men at Work” curriculum developed and implemented by the organization, Men Stopping Violence. The curriculum is a structured program with a minimum of 26 classes; however, can be extended based on individual needs. For more information, read below and call (520) 444-3078 or email

The program meets once a week for two hours and lasts for a minimum of 26 weeks.

There are a variety of reasons that men engage in this program.

A lot of men join this program because they want to learn about issues of male privilege and learn how to advocate for the safety of women. Some men are in this program because their partner gave them an ultimatum: that they needed to get help or else the relationship would end. Some men join because they wanted to learn how to take leadership in their community around the issue of male violence. Some men join because they are involved in the criminal justice system, and a judge or probation officer is requiring them to go through an education program as a consequence of their abusive choices. Other men are in this program because they simply know that they have made abusive or disrespectful choices in their relationship and they know they need help.

Regardless of the reason that a man enters the program, the work we do and the skills we learn are all the same.

Meetings take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings. For veterans enrolled in the Veteran’s Affairs healthcare system, the program is also offered at the VA hospital on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings. These groups take place in-person.

Information meetings are held on the second Friday of every month from 10 AM to 12 PM. Attending an information meeting is the first step to getting enrolled in one of our weekly classes.

To sign up to attend one of our monthly informaiton sessions, call 520-444-3078.

For general questions or inquiries, please email