How to Support Emerge's Services, Including The Emergency Shelter

An anonymous donor honoring the Connie Hillman Family Foundation has issued a challenge to our community to match their gift. For the next three years, half of any new or increased giving will be matched—up to $1,000,000!


This is how the match will increase your giving:

If you’ve never given a monetary gift OR you haven’t given a monetary gift since before November 1, 2020, you’re considered a NEW donor.

If you give a monetary gift to Emerge, half of your donation will be matched by the anonymous donor giving in honor of the Connie Hillman Family Foundation!

For example, if you give $100, half—or $50— will be matched. Your impact then becomes $150!

If you’ve given a monetary gift to Emerge between November 1, 2020 and October 31, 2021, you’re considered an INCREASING donor IF you give more than your previous donation.

For example, if you gave $100 last year, but give $150 this year, half of that $50 will be matched, and your total impact will be $175! ($150 + match of $25 = $175)